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We hired Mike for our office holiday party. Not only was he extremely professional and totally willing to structure the day however I requested, including emcee duties, but he also brought along a special treat for us , and had his son perform before him. Every minute they were on stage we had our conference room of 40 people rolling in laughter. I , for one, was a little wary before I hired Mike wondering what kinds of things you could get laughs for that were considered "clean",But I was blown away at how much everyone laughed with zero inappropriate material. I recommend, without hesitation, anyone who comes across this page to hire Mike Parenti

- Mandy H.
Deerfield Beach, FL

Thinking of bringing Christian comedian Mike Parenti  to your next church event? No fear!  Considering having him appear at your ministries fundraiser? No fear! Pondering having him teach a comedy class? No fear! Mike Parenti  has worn all those "hat's" here at "Li'l Bit Of Heaven"  Ministries for years to a crowd where he makes everyone feel like family!

Witty, creative, hilarious, humble, respectful and engaging, are just some of the words I would use to describe him. A "Heaven" favorite , his warm and welcoming ways are always enveloped with new & fresh material combined with a true level of excellence. Whether he was hosting our Christian open mic night or  teaching  his "Squeaky Clean" comedy workshop ,or performing his own one man comedy show ,our guests NEVER tired of him!! Mike uses this awesome gift  of comedy God has given him as his way to honor the "Gift Giver!"". 

Deciding to book Mike Parenti? No Fear! "Comedy For Christ" is the way to go!

- Rev. Samantha Tetro
Samantha's "Li'l Bit Of Heaven" Ministries
(631) 262-1212

I had experienced a crisis in my family, January 2015. I heard about a “Comedy Workshop”, at ‘Samantha’s Li’l Bit of Heaven Ministries’ and thought this would be an uplifting change of atmosphere. I didn’t think I was funny… nor did I plan on doing stand up comedy… To my surprise Mike Parenti, my coach/teacher/mentor, helped me get through a difficult time… I had stories to share and learned that’s Comedy!

- Sally Ann

I have known Mike Parenti from his very early career as a comedian, and have had the pleasure to see him perform many times over the years, at Samantha's Li'l Bit of Heaven, and at various venues throughout Long Island. His incredible quick wit, ability to tell amusing true life stories, as well as ad lib and communicate so well with an audience, are truly the talents of a gifted professional. Mike is an absolutely hilarious entertainer! I am blessed to know Mike, not just as a favorite comic, but also as a friend. He is a humble man of God, an amazing family man, and an all around good guy.

- Ellen LePera

I could tell you that thousands of people have enjoyed his comedy, I could tell you that he is an honorable husband, father, mentor, and above all a Christian.  Mike has found a unique way to use comedy to refresh, to heal, and to help see the Lord through everyday events and put the twist to allow us to see the humor in the everyday things.  Yes,  I could tell you that he's a great comedian---but I think you will find that out for yourselves when you see him perform as only he can.

- Frank Bruno

"Mike Parenti is pure comedy! Every time I see him perform I laugh as hard as I did the first time! Mike's ability to relate to his audience makes him incredibly likable as soon as he picks up the mic. His material is original, clean, and surprises us all with the twists and turns in his jokes. His observational style on current social issues are hilarious. His following in NY will surely miss him!"

- Teri Vitale
   New Hyde Park, NY

"Prior to seeing Mike Parenti perform his "Clean Comedy" act, I didn't think such a thing as a clean comedy act existed any more. I didn't expect much, yet by the end of the performance was pleasantly surprised, impressed and a believer of a "clean comedy" renaissance. Mike Parenti is what one can easily call a "natural," from his mannerisms and expressions, down to his genuinely funny material and the way he delivers it. As you're laughing, you forget you haven't heard one curse word or offensive term but then realize after the performance how difficult it is to do what he does, and do it well. He accomplishes the task handily. If you see one of his shows, you'll agree, he's laugh out loud funny. It's so great to know this kind of family friendly comedy still exists and done excellently by Mr. Parenti."

- Lily Ace
  Ozone Park, NY

"My name is Rosalind Hyatt. I am funny by nature, but could not hold an audiences attention on the stage. Mike Parenti gave me the tools and taught me how to capture audiences attention in the first minute. He taught me how to hit multiple punch lines in one joke. I thoroughly enjoyed his class and would take it again. "

- Rosalind R. Hyatt
  Huntington, NY


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